Florida Cricket Conference

Florida Cricket Conference (FCC) is the premier cricket organization in Central Florida. The organization was established in 2010 by professionals and cricket enthusiasts who looked to introduce cricket to the I-4 corridor. FCC has succeeded to introduce the game of cricket to the locals and to promote cricket at all levels, in particular, at the youth and novice cricketer level, to develop the next generation of players.

Champions Corner

2020 Summer Slam T20: Premiership – No Winner Due To COVID-19          2020/2021 Winter Challenge 35: Premiership – 

                                          Championship – No Winner Due To COVID-19                                                            Championship – 

2019 Summer Slam T20: Premiership – Orlando Cricket Club          2019/2020 Winter Challenge 35: Premiership – Orlando Cricket Club

                                           Championship – Just-In Case Cricket Club                                                    Championship – Palm Bay Cricket Club

2018 Summer Slam T20: Premiership – Daytona Cricket Club          2018/2019 Winter Challenge 35: Premiership – Strykers Cricket Club

                                        Championship – Palm Bay Cricket Club                                                            Championship – Clermont Cricket Club

2017 Summer Slam T20: Premiership – Orlando Cricket Club          2017/2018 Big Blast 30: Premiership – Daytona Cricket Club

                                         Championship – Warriors Cricket Club                                                Championship – Voluisa County Cricket Club

2016 Summer Slam T20: Rebels Cricket Club                                        2016/2017 Big Blast 30: Premiership – Classy Knights Cricket                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Championship – Warriors Cricket Club

2015 Super Smash T20: Islanders Cricket Club                                     2015/2016 Big Blast 30: Islanders Cricket Club

2015 Summer Masters T20: Rebels Cricket Club

2014 Super Smash T20: Orlando Cricket Club                                      2014/2015 Winter 30: Rebels Cricket Club

2013 Masters T20: Islanders Cricket Club                                              2013/2014 Winter 30: Classy Knights Cricket Club

2012 Masters T20: Orlando Cricket Club                                                2012/2011 Winter 30: Lucas Cricket Club

2011 Masters T20: Lucas Cricket Club                                                     2011/2012 Winter 35: Lucas Cricket Club

2010 Masters T20: Superstars Cricket Club                                            2010/2011 Winter 35: Lucas Cricket Club