Congrats to the Winners of the Big Blast 30 2016/2017

The FCC would like to thank all the  teams for a successful Big Blast 30 competition and our first 2 division league which saw the crowning of new champions!

In the Premiership, the Classy Knights won their 2nd 30 over crown by defeating Orlando Cricket Club with a superb bowling performance by Nagesh Nayak who claimed a 5 for and honors of Finals MVP!

In the Championship, the Warriors finished the season UNDEFEATED with a perfect 9-0 record as they beat the upstart Supernova in a team effort with the bat and bowl.  The Finals MVP went to Zain Shahid with his even contribution with 35 with the bat, 2 wickets and 2 catches.

We look forward to the FCC Coxy Summer Slam T20 where 3 additional teams will join the FCC!!!